Police appeal after Albion Park man’s car rammed on Picton Road: video

Police have appealed for witnesses to come forward after a car was rammed on Picton Road last week, causing it to crash, in an incident which was caught on video.

A 51-year-old man was driving his red Mazda on Picton Road in Wilton about 8am on September 12 with a Holden Commodore following behind him.

Dash cam footage of a silver Commodore station wagon about to hit Darren's car. Photo: Dashcam Owners Australia.

Dash cam footage of a silver Commodore station wagon about to hit Darren's car. Photo: Dashcam Owners Australia.

Police allege the Commodore, described as a silver station wagon or similar, drove behind the Mazda "at high speed" before ramming into the back of it without warning.

The impact caused the Mazda to crash off the road, activating the airbags as it tipped sideways. Its driver, from Albion Park, escaped with minor injuries.

A video of the incident, which was captured on the Mazda's dashboard camera, was posted to the Dash Cam Owners Australia page on Facebook on Friday.

It shows the driver, who said his name was Darren, looking straight ahead as the Commodore moves closer to his back window.

At the moment of impact, Darren shouts and spins the steering wheel as the car loses control and tips over. His airbag activates, and the camera is left pointing at the the inside of his smoke-filled car and what appears to be his cracked windscreen.

He remains in his car groaning and says "Jesus" before a passerby comes to offer help.

In a message posted on the Facebook page, Darren said the crash happened "for no apparent reason" several minutes after he and several other vehicles drove past the car in the overtaking lane.

"When the road went back to single lane I was the last car," he said. "About five minutes up the road I saw the silver Commodore flying up my rear.

"The car almost hit me. I turned my dash cam around as I feared the driver was going to do it again.

"The car approached me a couple more times. It was about the fourth time I looked up and saw that the car was over committed and that's when the car ran into the back of me. He did not stop."

Police said officers are investigating the incident.

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash is urged contact their local police station or phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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