Roseanne Catt's fight for justice goes on

Life rarely seems to run smoothly for Dapto's former Roseanne Catt, who has spent the past 20 years either behind bars or embroiled in legal battles to clear her name.Roseanne Beckett, as she is now known, was sentenced to 12 years' jail for a number of offences related to her ex-husband Barry Catt, including soliciting two men to murder him.After 10 years the soliciting counts were quashed on appeal, with an order for retrial, but the prosecution decided not to go ahead.Now, as she prepares for a multimillion-dollar compensation case for time spent in jail, Ms Beckett is grappling with a personal tragedy.Her only daughter Julie became quadriplegic as result of a car accident in Canada, while on her way home from work in 2007.Ms Beckett said her daughter, 46, a chiropractor, was a passenger in a car being driven by a co-worker when the accident happened."I had to rush to Canada to be by her side for three months in intensive care ... they did not expect her to live," she said."Julie now has no movement below the neck and needs constant care."She is very strong and is carrying on with things, using the computer and generally getting on with her life."Ms Beckett is now her daughter's full-time primary carer. Her house has been modified for that purpose.She juggles this role with the other side of her life which has become an all-consuming fight to see those she believes responsible for putting her behind bars brought to account.In her compensation bid statement of claim, she alleges a former Taree policeman led a malicious prosecution, telling her on her arrest he was "getting even" for her part in an unrelated prosecution.The alleged history between the detective and Ms Beckett is outlined in documents she filed in the NSW Supreme Court, in her damaged case against the state."My legals are looking after the compensation claim ... my spare time these days after looking after Julie is spent on getting it out there about the people who worked against me," she said yesterday."When time allows, I still do a little public speaking and I'm not afraid of naming people in the hope action will eventually be taken," she said.Ms Beckett says she has no qualms in making the large claim for damages."They took everything I had and made my two children - Julie and Peter - suffer," she said."They were the innocent victims in all of this ... I was taken away at a time when they needed me and now this terrible thing has happened to Julie."The case is listed for May 6 in the the Supreme Court.

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