Time for taxpayers to start new party

According to Education, Journal of the NSW Teacher's Federation at Sydney Institute of TAFE (November 19), "some teachers were alerted to their plight of job cuts by being taken off class and sent to a meeting to be told that they had 11 working days to provide management with a  business case to keep their job".

Was the missing taxpayers' money from Treasury ($800 million) an oversight, political expediency or was it just incompetence?  Have  those involved been given 11 days to justify their business case to keep their jobs? 

Each election time brings politicians face to face with those who pay their wages - the taxpayers.

It's now time for teachers, police, nurses, firefighters, railway workers and waterside workers to start setting up their own political parties to be ready for the next state election.  

Some years ago I proposed setting up  a new political party of teachers at a strike meeting over  a wage increase - it was adopted by the meeting - and guess what?  It made page one of the Mercury and soon after we got our wage increase. 

  Tom Wren, Mangerton


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