Dog owners need to take responsibility

I totally agree with "Responsible dog owner" (Mercury, November 27). 

What is wrong with the people of Wollongong? So many take no pride in our beautiful beaches. 

Dogs have been attacked by vicious dogs and the owners pretend not to notice, as they also don't notice their dogs fouling. 

Then there are those who do pick up after their dogs, but drop the bag on the sand. This is probably a worse vice considering the potential damage these plastic bags do to marine life.

Having recently observed a dog park in Canberra where dog owners observed their dogs at all times and cleaned up after them, I really do think some Wollongong residents are irresponsible.

This dog park in Canberra is extremely well designed and in my mind it is the utopia of dog parks. 

I wonder why there are no fenced dog parks in Wollongong? Not every dog is going to return to its owner and those of us who keep our dogs on leads do so for this reason. 

Perhaps the council should consider reducing the number of off-leash beach areas and spend the money saved on adding fencing to one of the off-leash dog parks.


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