Petty home hit by vandals

Wollongong councillor Greg Petty says another vandalism attack on his Helensburgh home is further proof he is being intimidated because of his job on council.

Cr Petty was home with his family on Friday night when the power was cut to his house, he told ABC radio this morning.

He said CCTV footage taken from his home showed images of a suspect moments before they cut the camera’s wires with a hacksaw.

He then gathered his terrified family and took refuge in a nearby paddock where they waited more than two hours until police arrived, Cr Petty said.

Officers later found fuses from the home’s fuse box scattered on the roadway.

Cr Petty said he was without power until 12pm Saturday.

‘‘It was a premeditated attack because implements were used to cut the CCTV wires,’’ he told ABC radio.

The attack is the latest in a string of incidents targeting Cr Petty, who has called for greater protection from the council.

‘‘I am being intimidated,’’ he said.

‘‘I have no doubt it relates to my role as a councillor.’’

He claimed the attacks were connected to land rezoning in Helensburgh.

Wollongong councillor Greg Petty.

Wollongong councillor Greg Petty.