Tassie link to Hollywood star

Source: The Advocate

WHEN actor Simon Baker received his star on the Hollywood walk of fame yesterday, his proud father Barry was at home in Devonport, where the moment was televised on national breakfast program  Sunrise.

Mr Baker, who once attended the Logies with his look-a-like actor son, is not one to comment on his son's career milestones.

Mr Baker said he preferred to leave that to his son's Hollywood agent.

 The Mentalist  star was also in the high rating TV series  The Guardian .

His movie credentials include  The Devil Wears Prada  and  LA Confidential .

Mr Baker said he did not like to intrude into his son's life, but he was tremendously proud of what he had done.

``I am still amazed that he has been able to succeed without having any formal acting training,'' Mr Baker said at the time.

``But he is meticulous in preparing for each role he plays. For instance, he had a small part in an Australian production in which he was a woodchopper. So he made a special visit to world champion David Foster to learn what he should do.

``I am sure that is the kind of dedication that has made him so successful.''

However, Mr Baker said he is no more proud of Simon than he is of his other children and their achievements.

He said Simon was interested by the parallels between his life and that of the late legendary, Errol Flynn. 

Flynn was also born in Launceston and spent some of his early years in New Guinea, as did the Baker family.

Simon Baker speaks after receiving a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Simon Baker speaks after receiving a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.