Wollongong blitz to target alcohol-related crime

Wollongong police will target known trouble spots during a blitz on alcohol-related crime this weekend.

Wollongong commander superintendent Kyle Stewart said potential troublemakers were being put on notice.

‘‘If you over indulge and harm others, you’ll end up behind bars,’’ superintendent Stewart said.

‘‘People tend to drink more during the summer months, whether it’s at home or at licensed premises, and that’s when some get a bit hot under the collar.

‘‘But there’s no excuse for breaking the law and hurting others...if you go down that path you can expect police to act,’’ he said.

He said police would focus on patrolling known trouble spots, transport hubs, licensed premises and parks.

Underage drinkers will also be targeted. 

‘‘It’s heartbreaking when we see young teens out of their minds on alcohol,’’ superintendent Stewart said.

‘‘They’re most at risk when they’re in that condition and we will step in to stop that where possible.’’

He advised parents to set limitations, review security, ensure there is no underage drinking and consider registering the event with the police if their children hosts a party.

Extra police will be put on patrol during the national operation.