Father and son sold pills worth thousands

An Illawarra father and son will be sentenced in Wollongong District Court next month after pleading guilty to trafficking thousands of dollars worth of drugs.

Dalibor Bubanja, 27, and his father Djordie, 49, both admitted to peddling almost $140,000 worth of tablets in separate transactions in 2011 and 2012.

Unbeknownst to the pair, the buyer, "Chris", was an undercover police officer and the man acting as a go-between was also working with officers.

Dalibor, also known as Daki, pleaded guilty to two charges of supplying a large commercial quantity of drugs, while Djordie pleaded guilty to a single supply charge.

A draft police statement tendered to the court said Daki met the go-between, referred to in the statement only as "the civilian participant", in October 2011 at a cafe in Warilla, where they agreed to do business.

Daki agreed to supply the civilian with a sample of the tablets he had for sale. The exchange took place in a car park in Shellharbour on November 6.

Three days later the pair met up again, where Daki agreed to meet Chris the following day at the Warilla Library.

In mid-February 2012 Daki agreed to supply Chris with tablets directly.

An exchange of 5000 tablets took place between Daki and Chris a week later.

Chris paid Daki $45,000 for the drugs, which were later weighed and tested by police.

Daki was arrested on May 3 last year in relation to the bust.

Meantime, Djordie also sold the civilian and Chris drugs, believed to have been at Daki's instructions.

In November 2011 the civilian and Djordie met in Kiama to discuss arrangements for Daki to supply 10,000 MDMA pills to Chris.

Later that month the trio returned to Kiama, where Chris handed over $90,000 to Djordie in exchange for directions to more than three kilograms of tablets.

Due to a misunderstanding about where the drugs were located, Chris and the civilian followed Djordie as he drove to the location of the stash, along Saddleback Mountain Road on the outskirts of Kiama.

The drugs were positioned near a fence, the police facts said.

Djordie was arrested on March 12 last year.

Daki, who is in custody on more serious charges, was remanded behind bars.

Djordie was allowed to remain on bail.