David Koch slams Schapelle Corby’s TV deal

TV presenter David Koch has slammed his own television network for what he says is its decision to pay Schapelle Corby $2 million for an exclusive interview.

The Sunrise presenter said Seven shouldn’t sensationalise the convicted drug dealer.

‘‘I reckon we should have nothing to do with her as a network,’’ he said during Tuesday’s Sunrise program.

‘‘Totally disagree with paying a convicted drug smuggler $2 million.’’

The 36-year-old walked out of jail on Monday after spending nine years behind bars in Bali.

‘‘I know Indonesia is corrupt and all that sort of stuff, but no, she’s convicted. So why pay the money,’’ Koch asked.

In 2004 the former beauty school student was caught with 4.2 kilograms of cannabis in a bodybag at Bali international airport.

She was sentenced to 15 years but had her sentence reduced after winning a clemency plea to Indonesia’s president.

Her strict parole conditions means she cannot return to Australia until 2017.

Koch couldn’t resist another dig during Sunrise’s Cash Cow money giveaway segment.

‘‘How would you like to win some mega cool cash without spending time in an overseas jail?’’



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