Splashes nightclub shooting: guns, dinner and a death

The getaway driver turned prosecution witness in the 2007 Splashes nightclub shooting has taken the stand in the Supreme Court trial of his alleged accomplices, telling jurors there was bad blood between the deceased, Dragan Sekuljica, and at least one of his accused murderers.

Justin Irwin, who has received immunity from prosecution for his role in the killing in exchange for his testimony, recalled a conversation that took place a few weeks before the shooting between himself and three of the accused - Dalibor "Daki" Bubanja, Jason Hristovski and a third man who can only be referred to as "C" - during which they talked about Mr Sekuljica and one of his friends.

"Did someone say something about those two persons?" Crown prosecutor Pat Barrett asked Mr Irwin.

"Yes, Daki," Mr Irwin replied.

"What was said about those two persons by Daki?" Mr Barrett asked.

"That they were dogs and were speaking to police," Mr Irwin replied.

The court has previously heard Bubanja and Mr Sekuljica were once close friends but had a significant falling out over an unpaid debt.

The court heard Mr Irwin met up with Bubanja and C again on September 6, two days before the shooting, at the Collegians Club in Wollongong, where further conversations took place.

Mr Irwin said the following evening he had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Wollongong with C and the alleged gunman, who can only be referred to as "M" for legal reasons, and their respective partners.

Mr Irwin said after dinner he drove M and his girlfriend to Sydney, dropped her off "in central Sydney" and he and M returned to C's house in Wollongong, where they were then directed to "go to Jason's house and pick up something".

Mr Irwin said the item they collected was a short, silver revolver, which Hristovski handed to M in a cream, cotton bag.

He described the gun as a "lady's weapon", saying it was the kind that could easily be contained in a handbag.

"He said the gun wasn't good enough for the purpose," Mr Irwin said.

When asked to recall the words M had used, Mr Irwin said: "[He said] what the f--- is this? What am I going to f---ing do with this?"

According to Mr Irwin, Hristovski replied: "It's all I've got".

"Did you know what was going to happen with the gun?" Mr Barrett asked Mr Irwin on Thursday.

"I had a rough idea someone was going to get shot," Mr Irwin replied, although he said he wasn't "100 per cent sure" who the target was.

The court heard Mr Irwin then drove M to his own house in Corrimal where they picked up dark clothes and a beanie, before heading to the nightclub.

Mr Irwin said he parked in the car park opposite North Beach and M left the car, heading towards some trees and bush nearby that Mr Irwin had pointed out earlier.

He estimated waiting in the car for around 90 minutes before he heard gunshots ring out.

He then started the car and moments later M ran towards him, got in the car and the pair drove off, with Mr Irwin returning M to an address in Mascot.

"Did you have any conversation with [M]?" Mr Barrett asked Mr Irwin.

"I said 'did you do what you were going to do?' He said 'yes'," Mr Irwin replied.

"I think he also said that he shot him and ran inside and finished him."

Mr Irwin said the following day he picked up an amount of money from C and delivered it to M.

The trial continues.

Footage of the suspect leaving Novotel on the night of shooting.

Footage of the suspect leaving Novotel on the night of shooting.