CELEB GOSS: Sting, Paul Simon announce Australian tour

Sting, Paul Simon announce Australian tour

Music legends Sting and Paul Simon will blend their voices and their bands when they tour Australia together next year.

The old friends will sing each other’s hit songs at arenas and wineries across the country in February as part of their successful double-bill, On Stage Together.Sting, 62, and Simon, 72, earned fantastic reviews for their US leg of the tour this year, which they did as an experiment after first playing together at a New York charity event in 2013.

Sting on Good Morning America. Picture: REUTERS

Sting on Good Morning America. Picture: REUTERS

The pair, who’ve been good friends for decades, and lived in the same New York apartment block for more than 20 years, will precede their Down Under tour with a show in Auckland in January.


5SOS respond to Sheeran’s cover

Aussie boy band 5 Seconds of Summer think Ed Sheeran’s She Looks So Perfect cover is good... maybe too good.

Lead singer Luke Hemmings took to Twitter after hearing Sheeran’s take on their chart-topping song.

''.edsheeran heard your cover of slsp, made my week :-) stop making us look bad haha,’’ Hemmings posted.

The band then retweeted Capitol FM’s video recording of Sheeran’s cover to their 3.43 million followers, with the station saying ‘‘it’s JUST as amazing as you think!’’.

The 5SOS boys - Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin - released their first full album in Australia on Friday, with the self-titled debut hitting Europe later that day, the UK on June 30 and the US and Canada in July.


Elton John praises Pope Francis

British musician Elton John has described Pope Francis as ‘‘wonderful’’ and says Jesus would support gay marriage.

The top-selling gay pop star has told UK media that the leader of the Catholic Church is a sign of hope.John says gay members of the clergy should be able to wed and that he believes Jesus Christ would be in favour of gay marriage, which became legal in Britain in March.


Kisses for Harry during Chile trip

Prince Harry has joked about kissing female admirers in Chile - after another request left him with lipstick on his face.

Asking the Queen’s grandson for a peck on the cheek has proved a popular pastime for women of all ages, who have become smitten with their royal visitor during his tour of the South American country.

And when Harry visited a day centre for children with mental and physical disabilities in Santiago, he proved just as irresistible to the youngsters.

After kissing one admirer, the prince wiped the lipstick off his face and joked: ‘‘I’ve kissed so many girls, I don’t know who it belongs to - today.’’

Harry spent around 45 minutes sitting, playing and interacting with children with a range of disabilities at the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus.

Its founder Gladis Ramirez, known affectionately as Popa, took the prince on a tour of the centre which grew out of the needs of a small group of women who, like her, had a disabled child and were frustrated at the lack of services available.

Harry made friends with many of the youngsters and high-fived a little four-year-old boy called Russel who has Down’s Syndrome and was strapped into a stand as he played with some coloured bricks.


Kelly Osbourne gets new tattoo on her head

Kelly Osbourne is getting bold - and bald - with a new tattoo on the side of her head.

Osbourne’s recently been rocking a lavender mohawk after shaving both sides of her locks off and has now added to the style, replacing the hair with some brand new ink.

The 29-year-old Fashion Police co-host shared photos on her Instagram on Saturday as Hollywood artist Dr Woo blazed the word ‘‘Stories’’ across the left side of her scalp in typewriter font.‘‘#oops what did I do tonight?’’ she wrote on Twitter before posting pictures of her daring new look.

She then apologised to parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, adding: ‘‘Sorry mom and dad but I love it!’’

Last year Osbourne had a tattoo of a keyboard removed from her arm after she went on a self-described inking binge.

‘‘I was miserable and I just went and got all these tattoos and I don’t know why,’’ she explained on British talk show This Morning in 2009.‘‘One of them is a keyboard and I don’t even know how to play a piano.’’