Letters to the editor October 31


I was the ABC's Illawarra Regional Manager from 1987 to 1992, during which time we moved from AM to FM and opened a branch office in Nowra.

When I took over from Guy Crittenden 2WN, as it was then, broadcast live from the Wollongong studios from 5am to 6pm weekdays and 5am to midday on Saturdays.

The station had a complement of five full-time and 3-4 part-time broadcast/admin staff, with three full-time and one part-time journalists plus a full-time assistant.  

By the time I left in 1992 local live broadcasting was down to 5am to 11am weekdays and 5am to 10am on Saturday despite vociferous protests, including industrial action.

Now it seems there are to be further cuts to live local broadcasting and reductions in local news bulletins, but ABC management claims there will be no reduction in local content. How can that possibly be true?

Don't let local radio wither away, tell the Sydnocentric ABC bureaucrats you're mad as hell and you won't take it any more.

Allen Clark, Mt Kembla


With “Not the case “ (Mercury, Thursday, October 29) we experience the “Devlin Doctrine on religion” at fever pitch.

Fortunately, the Australian Constitution protects the citizenry from being forced to follow whatever omnipotent entity our political masters might wish to force upon us.

Instead our Constitution enables us to decide as individuals whether or not to believe in the existence of an omnipotent entity or not.

That Mr. Reg Wilding a good and decent man has, like so many others, chosen not follow the path Mr. Devlin has taken, appears to have seriously miffed that gentleman as “Not the case” indicates.

Perhaps rather than throw ill-considered personal aspersions at Mr. Wilding or indeed anyone not believing in the existence of an omnipotent and caring being; Mr. Devlin should produce some real evidence in support of his doctrine.

For example, if indeed an omnipotent entity actually existed why did it apparently stand idly by when “men of God” were continually sexually abusing children in its name under the falsehood of administering pastoral care?

Barry Swan, Balgownie


Was I hearing right on radio?

A politician stating that this road would only have four lanes with provisions for an additional lane if and when required.

Are these people for real?

Have they not learned of other freeways having to build extra lanes at higher costs and inconvenience to the public.

Travel on the memorial Drive and see the car park conditions. Get it right the first time for goodness sake.

Andy Hubscher, Bulli


I was there when this all happened and the amount of people helping him was wonderful.

I am so glad to hear his ok.

I have not stopped thinking of him since the day it happened and it has now given me a massive relief knowing he survived.

_ Bree N Dillon.

My gorgeous nephew Mohamad is the security guard that performed CPR on the lucky man ...

Proud of you xx

_ Soran Matar.

Well done. I loved reading this story.

Something positive for a change.

_ Donna Nash Redfern.

Well done to all the staff and people who helped. Hope he makes a full recovery.

_ Melysa Cox.

Good on you Phil! well done ! Well done to everyone who was involved! I'm proud of you all! 

_ Rebecca Rospara


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