National Bentley Rally hosted by Bentley Drivers Club NSW: photos, video

For the first time in eight years the National Bentley Rally was held in NSW, with members from around the east coast rolling into Wollongong.

Dozens of prestige vehicles, ranging from 1925 through to the modern GT convertible of 2015, met on Flagstaff Hill on Thursday for one last touring run for the week.

Chairman of the Bentley Drivers Club NSW Garrath Will said founder W.O. Bentley “made his mark” in racing at the Le Mans track in France and explained that’s where the brand’s signature colours came from.

“Green is for the cars because they’re always green, grey was for the dust and red was for the blood that was shed,” Mr Will said.

“They have a characteristic of giving that exhilaration of performance, acceleration, outstanding handling and style.”

Vintage car enthusiast Des Dillon drove his 1925 three litre Bentley, the model which first won Le Mans, from his home in Melbourne.

Whether to buy new or old was personal choice according to Mr Dillon, though he admitted older cars required a lot more love than their newer counterparts.

“This is more primitive so you’ve got to understand all the mechanics because if it fails you’re the only one there to fix it,” he said.

Long drives were “physically tiring” because an old suspension meant you felt every single bump and the wind in your face, though it is a great touring car.

“...and it’s practical because it has a lot of baggage carrying, many old cars don’t.”