Letters to the editor October 15 2016


Three months ago, the Premier announced his decision to ban the greyhound racing industry without consulting his colleagues, the industry or the community.

I opposed that decision because the actions of a few shouldn’t result in a Government punishing the many.

Thousands of honest people whose jobs and livelihoods depend on the industry were ambushed.

Over the last three months, the Premier ignored petitions, protests and industry experts. 

His is a Government that doesn’t listen and doesn’t care.

But with the Orange by-election only a few weeks away, Baird has suddenly back flipped.

It seems the only job Mike Baird cares about is his own.

Luke Foley, Leader of the Opposition


Today is a sad day not only for the thousands of dogs who will now continue to suffer in this cruel and unjustifiable industry, but also for democracy.

The government has acted on speculation about their polling numbers and pressure from individuals who gain financially from this abusive industry, and ignored the vast majority of New South Wales constituents who abhor the inherent brutality of greyhound racing.

The Premier may think he is saving his political future, but they say fortune favours the brave and in this case, Mr Baird has shown he is anything but.  

Laura Weyman-Jones, Press Officer, PETA Australia


When applications are received from volunteers to become part of our meals on wheels service, as a matter of course, in the case of volunteer drivers, a check is carried out to ensure the applicant holds a current driver’s licence and the vehicle to be used for deliveries, is registered.

However a recent memo circulated by the Federal government has made it compulsory for all volunteer drivers to have licences and registration papers sighted and checked each year to make sure that licences are current and delivery vehicles are registered and fully insured.

Surely this is a social issue.  For instance does the Federal government check the legitimate status of public servants driving to and from work?

Committee members have enough work to do looking after the community than to spend time as government spies harassing volunteers. The ill-thought out directive is a load of humbug and should be rescinded.

John Macleod, Berry


Albeit difficult to believe, the Federal Government still harbors the possibility of BP allowing a deep water oil rig in the Great Australian Bight.

Please Prime Minister, go see the movie “Deepwater Horizon” if you are in doubt as to what an explosion on one of BP’s oil rigs can do.

Their 2010 catastrophic rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico killed eleven workers causing unimaginable destruction to wildlife and ecology.  This was a history-making 200 million gallon crude oil spill. Their own liability bill was $60 billion.

Why, after the mistakes both federal and labor governments made in green lighting coal seam gas mining would they consider deepwater oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight with rigs that can drill down to 9,100 meters and why is this being treated as a non-issue?

Brian Johnson, Gymea


I"m glad the High Court rejected the grab of our greedy past politicians, who want more in taxpayer retirement, along with their lrk's  perks that they receive.

Ron Porteous, Albion Park Rail


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