Letters for the editor November 26 2016

STORMY SKIES: Mercury photographer Sylvia Liber captured the stormy skies at Barrack Point. Have your image featured by emailing letters@illawarramercury.com.au.
STORMY SKIES: Mercury photographer Sylvia Liber captured the stormy skies at Barrack Point. Have your image featured by emailing letters@illawarramercury.com.au.


As I am becoming an elder Australian with a growing interest in our health system I wish to make a few comments regarding the article "Health chief responds to 27 doctors" (Illawarra Mercury, November 18, 2016).

The article states: “The head of the Illawarra health district has moved to quell ‘misconceptions’  and public concern about the part-privatisation of Shellharbour hospital, after 27 Illawarra doctors wrote the the Illawarra Mercury expressing their concern about the Baird Government's plan".

As Professor Denis King, the head of the Illawarra health district also apparently sits on the board of a private hospital (Hurstville Private) is there a conflict of interest here?

Also can Professor King give adequate attention to his position as the head of the Illawarra Health district, and does it have priority over his position on the board of the private hospital?

Will there be a financial connection between the privatised Shellharbour hospital and Hurstville Private and will this also represent a conflict of interest between the private and public health system for him?

Since the Wollongong Private Hospital has opened there are specialist who work in both Wollongong Hospital and Wollongong Private. There are reports that some of these specialists spend too much time in Wollongong Private looking after their own financial interests at the detriment to patience in Wollongong Hospital.

It is well known that the American private health system costs more than than the Australian system per capita, and that the Australian system is better and fairer.

I share the concerns of the 27 doctors.

The big question is will the Labor Party when they next come to power in this state overturn this privatisation, or will they lie low and go along with it because their members also want jobs after politics?

Bob Patrech, Seniors United Party of Australia, Figtree


In response to the article "Hurt Hillary urges Americans to keep believing" (Illawarra Mercury, Friday November 18, 2016),  Hillary Clinton can talk about wanting to curl up and never leave the house again.

But why hasn't Mrs Clinton urged her supporters like the anarchists and pro-abortionist activists to act lawfully and accept the American election result?

In a number of cities across America, cars have been burned, police assaulted, Trump supporters bashed and rioting.

But the depth of the hatred has turned evil with lefties on social media calling for Trump's assassination and for his wife to be raped.

What a display of tolerance, understanding and lawful behaviour by the lefties and marxists.  

The Trump haters of the left refuse to accept the verdict of the people,.

They have shown their disdain for democracy and the freedom of people to make up their own mind.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


I have lived in the Wollongong area since early 1953, and I still have clear memories of living through WW2 in the country of my birth, the Netherlands.

I feel blessed just to live here, enjoy our great country, eaten meat pies, bought Holden cars, joined a surf club and did my utmost to be an average Australian citizen.

But last night on TV, there on the news, I watched a bunch of rednecks in the USA giving Nazi salutes to Donald Trump shouting “ Hail Trump” as people did the “Heil Hitler” salute.

It put a shiver up my spine, to be aligned with the USA and the idiot President Elect, Donald Trump.

I am now really worried for our future generations.

Watch this space, I predict all hell will break loose very soon.

John Pronk BM, Wollongong


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