Letters, January 12

A sound warning 

I have been walking on shared bike paths recently both in Wollongong and the South Coast and I have become increasingly aware of the rising number of Cyclists who do not use a bell on their Bikes when approaching Pedestrians from behind. Many bicycles don't even have a bell.

Girls and boys and mums and dads whilst riding a bike must alert everyone that they are approaching or overtaking to avoid nasty collisions. I have recently seen a near miss when a girl nearly knocked an elderly man over. Authorities should be encouraging all overtaking cyclists to use a bell.

Lyn Jefferis, Figtree

A wiring issue 

Re Norma Tubman’s letter “Warning against NBN, don’t do it” (Mercury 2 Jan 2017) wherein she railed against a specific internet service provider because her phone did not work after the NBN was connected.

I have advised about half a dozen of my friends that have had this problem (with different ISPs). It’s most often a wiring issue in your premises and your responsibility. The ISPs are very poor at giving advice on this issue, perhaps because it can be very complex to explain and almost all ISPs use overseas call centres. 

With the NBN the telephone service is provided via the NBN modem, it’s no longer connected directly to the telephone line that goes to the telephone exchange as it was prior to the NBN.

The NBN modem is directly connected to this telephone line and if you have more than one hard wired telephone instrument in your home they can stop you telephone service from working altogether because they are now in parallel with the NBN modem. You may need a licensed telecommunications cable (registeredcablers.com.au) to install an extra socket near your NBN modem to isolate your internal telephone cabling from the telephone line.

Chris Cartledge, Wollongong

History has lessons  

Reply to the letter by John Macleod, "RELIGIOUS TENSION" Mercury, Tuesday January 3, 2016. Just typical of John Macleod who is attempting to stir up trouble over Donald Trump and his good relations with Vladimir Putin while neglecting to mention the damage done in the Middle East under President Barrack Obama.

The Obama administration's Middle East foreign policy is in disarray. Four years after Western leaning Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi was forced from power with US help, that country has become a haven for Islamists and battleground for two governments and dozens of armed groups. It's barely a country at all.

Almost four years after Obama's removal of troops from what he declared to be "a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq," Baghdad is struggling to beat back ISIS's advances.

Viewed from this illuminating altitude, the Obama administration's failures come into better focus.

 If the current president and his team are more culpable than their post-World War II predecessors, it's because they had the benefit of their accumulated experience, but failed to use it.

Their inability to learn from history has come at great cost to the people of the Middle East, regional stability, international order, and America's vital national security interests.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow

Gridlock on upgrades

The government has been planning future development in the North West of Sydney roads  rail  housing  and the Badgery Creek Airport. But where is the up grade of: Appin Rd to Mt Ousley; Picton Rd to Mt Ousley; Maldon to Dombarton rail line; M5 to Bowral  three lanes; Electrification of rail line to Bowral?

So where is the planning future for the upgrades? We are just regional areas we are only remembered on polling day?

Wayne Meani, Thirlmere

Windswept: Waves at Wombarra. Picture: Margaret Johnston.

Windswept: Waves at Wombarra. Picture: Margaret Johnston.