Letters to the editor June 15 2017

TREASURE: A rainbow at Shellharbour by petty O'Loughlin. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
TREASURE: A rainbow at Shellharbour by petty O'Loughlin. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


I have just read about the proposed road through the Royal National Park for a tourism facility and I’m horrified.  We have an ever shrinking body of natural environment across our country and I sincerely hope that you have no intention of allowing this incursion into our precious old National Park.

If the issue is that Government need to better fund our parks then you must press them to do so appropriately. I notice the proposed business is ‘eco-tourism’.

Well, tourists would be welcome to take a walk in this virgin forest and discover the high value wetland.  No need to destroy habitat for threatened species for yet more cars.

How about thinking outside the square and inviting an eco-business to educate people of the high value of our National Parks and teach tourists how to explore the park and tread lightly on the earth.  Now that would be eco-friendly and appropriate. I’m feeling really mad about this.

This is our park, all of us, and if ‘all of us’ don’t appreciate National Park then you are failing at your job of teaching ‘us’ about it and that may well begin with educating the local politicians, businesses and even getting surrounding schools involved.  Those of us that use the park and appreciate it, especially in light of land-clearing across our state, far outweigh the needs of a person with the bright idea of running a business to make money out of it.

Kirsty Fuller, Bulli


John Macleod from Berry (Illawarra Mercury, June 14, 2017) apparently has an issue with selling public assets to pay down public debt, and a specific issue with the desalination plant at Kurnell. I am in no position to question many of the numbers he quotes, but he is incorrect in stating the plant is second largest in the world.

It is not even second largest in Australia, as the Victorian plant has a daily capacity of 410 megalitres and Perth's second plant has a capacity of 270. By comparison, Sydney only has a capacity 250 megalitres per day, which does make me wonder about the accuracy of Mr Macleod's other numbers.

Tim Overland, Castle Hill


We challenged an over zealous council dog ranger and Kells the Lawyers in Albion Park Court on Friday,  June 9, 2017.   We won .

I used council policy, signage plan, pamphlets, sign maintenance schedule and satellite imagery against them.  Hopefully council we learn from this experience.   The ratepayer has had enough and we will no longer roll over.

Lloyd Griffiths, Stanwell Park



I can drive to my job in Cronulla in 55 minutes door to door. Trains take two hours each way if you factor in drive to station, park, walk,wait for train, change trains, walk to office. Twice a day for five days is 10 hours-plus wasted, this is not an efficient use of time when we all have to work harder faster and longer to make ends meet.

_  Ross


It’s all a bit confusing: talk of extending a toll way, yet such a tollway does not exist between Sydney and Wollongong, improved rail travel times, is improved rail being proposed as a genuine option, Royal NP, second in the world, Yellowstone was not enacted as a "national park" until after Royal.   And why oh why are we consulting with so called `key influencers' given that they oversaw transportation development in Sydney for the last half century or so, which now shows itself as a complete debacle, suggesting that they already have been involved given that the proposal is just more of the same more roads for more cars.

_ Stephen


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