Letters to the editor July 12 2017

BEAUTY: Sunset showing Lake Illawarra from Windang by Patricia B. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
BEAUTY: Sunset showing Lake Illawarra from Windang by Patricia B. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


Call me an idealist; but I believe what Australia needs is a national government capable of thinking laterally.

One which would act rather than just constantly talk about increasing employment opportunities and growth.

For this region and for those further to the South, the pie in the sky concept of a very fast train (VFT) between Sydney and Melbourne would provide absolutely zero benefit.

What could however, would be construction of a dual rail line from Bomaderry to the South.  Consider for example the boost to our steel and construction industries from such a worthwhile project.  Consider also, the benefits to flow to local business along or close to the path of such a project.

A rail link, such as that which I am proposing; would provide regional producers an alternative to road transport.  

Add into the mix, the employment potential and “bingo” employment and growth becomes a reality; rather than just a political slogan.   But where I hear you ask, will the money for such a project come from?  

Well with a bit of lateral thinking; cancelling 10 of the problem plagued Lockheed Martin F35 fighter bombers Australia has on order; would free up at nearly two billion dollars for such a project.

Barry Swan Drive Balgownie


Do we really think there won’t be a nuclear disaster when North Korea is threatening the world? The reason dictators become dictators is they get off with the build-up, the climax - and then there’s no one to stop them.

Forgetting for a moment if we could, there is so little being done about the starving children situation in East Africa and the incredibly lucky outcome of no world nuclear disasters this past thirty years, you could be forgiven for thinking Kim Jong-Un could be put in his place.

Then perhaps those starving families will somehow get fed, even though we know many won’t. 

Are we going to be the first to read in these columns of the country that had to die first before the major powers joined forces eliminating the man responsible for these threats?

Brian Johnson, Gymea


In response to the letter by Reg Wilding, "Storm brewing and Trump is at centre" (Illawarra Mercury, Monday June 12, 2017) just of interest, if we do not need coal anymore Mr Wilding are you going to make wind turbines out of cardboard?

When US President Donald Trump announced America's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accord he explained how the US would suffer under the agreement with huge losses in local manufacturing and production along with millions on the unemployment line.

Mr Wilding has sold out blue collar workers and their families for the elite corporate and political world of clean energy.

Coal and nuclear are still the best at producing cheap and reliable power, but as usual environmental-socialists talk down both these plentiful energy sources.

So they real do not care about those on low incomes and pensioners paying high electricity prices for unreliable power.

Claiming that clean energy will produce a more inclusive society is just garbage. 

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


I recently had the need to attend the Shellharbour hospital with a follow up referral to Hospital in the Home at Wollongong hospital. The treatment and attention I received was second to none.

The efficiency and dedication of the staff was amazing.  These services I fear would not be available if these hospitals were privatised. Let's keep them public.

Jennifer Scott, Shellharbour


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