Illawarrar mercury Letters, July 18, 2017

Let the people choose

I note the Council has received a very large number of submissions, over 50,  in response to its proposal to extinguish future planning and development in the Southern side of the Wollongong CBD.

Most want improvements to the area and they don't want a flood zone they want flood solutions.

It’s interesting to see several comments from people who have lived there for along time that it wasn't a flood problem until recently.

Apparently there are works that the council could prioritise to address the situation. I wonder what priority they are getting?

The report going to Council on Monday night has now been amended to recommend to do nothing.

No rezoning, no implementation, no expenditure. Its a wait for another two years to see what an updated flood study shows by mid 2019.

This is a very large part of our CBD. Twenty large level city blocks with a major arterial traffic route from the south and some large parks and recreation areas that wont have any vision or strategy or implementation. Some cities would love to have this opportunity, our council staff don't seem to know what to do with it.  

The other odd thing is the suggestion that older people should live in the small "Glebe Street Precinct"!

Older people should live where they want, not where they are told! I note the Property Council's  advice about this that segmenting planning by age groups is not good planning.

Not sure where this ageist thinking is coming from but Warrigal has a large parcel of land suitable for older people one block away from Glebe Street and across the road from another seniors village and the Council states that it's not a suitable location for seniors.

I also note some of the older people who want to live there wrote to council and told them they are wrong.   

I recommend to Council again, that they cast a wide strategic and impressive vision for this very large and livable side of the CBD and let people choose where they live and work, and how.

Mark W Sewell, CEO Warrigal

On the another foot?

 Does anyone consider “If the boot was on the other foot” scenarios anymore?

If you can -  just cast your mind back to June 2016 during the tumultuous campaign days for those trying to win government in America and the historically coveted role of President.

Bill Clinton is approached by people who are known identities and who tell him a Russian lawyer has damaging information about Hillary’s Republican rival, Donald Trump. An offer is made to set up a meeting with this lawyer if Bill or anyone else in Hillary’s Democrats team is interested

What do you think will happen next?  What will Bill’s reaction be? Will such an opportunity be ignored?

Richard Burnett, Wollongong

Time for stable governing  

Finally the infighting in the Liberal Party has affected the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce who expressed his frustration thus “It just frustrates me “this factional civil war has continued unabated since former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was unceremoniously knifed and shows no sign of cessation.

No government can govern when they are divided and the divisions within the Liberal Party are really affecting the competence of the Turnbull government, because while they are concentrating on themselves they are not concentrating on governing.

This situation has to stop, either the factional brawl has to stop or an election should be called. Will the Governor-General act to ensure the Australian people receive stable government or will he allow this situation to drift. It’s time.

Shaun Newman, Deeragun

Brightness: Yellow orchid by Bev and John. Send us your photos to or post to our Facebook page.

Brightness: Yellow orchid by Bev and John. Send us your photos to or post to our Facebook page.