Letters to the editor August 8 2017

WINTER CHILLS: Perisher sunrise by Terry Dryburgh. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
WINTER CHILLS: Perisher sunrise by Terry Dryburgh. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


There have been several letters recently in your paper about unregistered vehicles, including rights of persons innocently injured. 

I refer in particular to the letter from John Macleod published on August 2.

In this letter he attributes the problem to the non use of registration labels.

He also indicated that a label was indicative of the vehicle’s registration.

Wrong Mr Macleod, there was never any thing stopping a devious person simply attaching the label to their car without paying for registration. 

The RMS still forwards a renewal notice prior to registration expiring. This tells the owner it is due.

It is very simple for people to make a note on their smartphone, notepad or computer that registration needs renewing.

 If a person is not computer literate they can make a diary note or even leave one on the fridge to remind them or even do it immediately.

Don't blame the government for the lack of renewal, as all car owners are sent a renewal notice. They are the ones who decide not to act on it. 

Mr Macleod also says the government is responsible that an innocent person is unable to claim for injury or death. Wrong again Mr. Macleod.

I suggest you might Google or make enquiries  into the nominal defendant.

 I have and reproduce in part what it says.

"In NSW all insurers are required to be part of the Nominal Defendant Fund"... : "where a vehicle is uninsured or unidentified the injured person can make a claim against the Nominal Defendant, meaning they don't go without adequate treatment or compensation."

The injured party does not have to sue the responsible person though it is quite possible the Nominal Defendant would do so. 

Ross Taylor, Thirroul


On Friday morning my husband (82) and myself (77) were stopped at a red light on the corner of Lake Entrance Road and Shellharbour Road, Warilla when a young man in a car in the next lane signalled to us that we had a flat tyre.

We checked and the rear tyre was completely flat, so we rounded the corner on the green light and pulled over to the kerb to change the tyre.

The two young men in the other car pulled  up behind us and proceeded to take over, changing the tyre in a very short time.

Jason and Troy, we don't know your last names, but if you read this, please know how very grateful we are to you.

Our faith in human nature has been fully restored and we wish you all the very best now and for the rest of your lives.

Frank and Beverley Moratto, Flinders


I am stunned at the editorial in the Illawarra Mercury on Tuesday (Auigust 1)  stating “Numbers don’t add up for terrorism threat”.

It states that the concept is a “scam” as only three people have been killed by acts of terrorism in Australia and that the public is being manipulated by others who have “an agenda”.

The university educated author of this editorial has ignored that fact that the Australian Federal Police, who have a responsibility to counter terrorist attacks, recently prevented an attempt to blow up a plane in mid-air that would potentially be transporting more than 400 people.

That would have taken the total number of people killed by acts of terrorism in Australia to more than 403. 

Pro-active government action in a specific area, such as counter-terrorism, does not exclude actions on other important government functions such as road safety and public health issues as the editorial claims. 

The many separate government functions are not mutually exclusive.

Lyn Read, Figtree


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