Editorial August 9 2017

Is it any wonder we generally feel disengaged or disheartened by our political system?

Just when you thought the same-sex debate couldn’t get any more diabolical, it went from diabolical to farcical. What is most frustrating about the entire situation this country is now faced with is that it does not relate to the issue of same-sex marriage and whether you support it or you don’t.

What is most frustrating is the reason our country has ended up where it has is not because of the issue itself, it is because of the internal political in-fighting and struggle for power within the Federal Liberals.

At the end of the day, we are where we are because of politics. And not just politics, internal politics.

What is going to be guaranteed now is this debate will be set for a bitter and divisive battle which will leave nothing more than a lot of disappointed people in its wake and the country faced with an enormous bill to foot.

It is now almost certain the matter will be put to a postal vote of the nation. In response to his present situation, the Prime Minister on Tuesday retorted his was a position of strength.

"Strong leaders carry out their promises. Weak leaders break them. I'm a strong leader," Mr Turnbull said. 

Yes, Prime Minister we do elect our political leaders to lead. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has been almost completely devoid of strong leadership and decisive action during his term, hamstrung by the far right of his party and ghosts of an era past.

The hopes many had for Malcolm Turnbull as a Prime Minister have fallen disappointingly short. This is unfortunately just the most recent and notable example. Member for Whitlam Stephen Jones said what many were thinking on Monday night.

“They have just spent two hours, two hours, locked in a party room only to decide to keep their policy the same as it was this morning [Monday],” Mr Jones said in a Twitter video.

“They want to put the proposition for a plebiscite back to the same Senate that has rejected it.”

All this at a time when Australia needs leadership and decisive action on so many fronts.

Yet we are set to spend the next two months with the washing machine cycle of the country on “spin” as both sides of the argument battle to have their voice heard above the other.