Editorial August 10 2017

The letter arrived at the office carefully written in cursive writing. That doesn’t happen very often any more, if at all.

Usually it is a fair indicator that the writer is of a particular vintage, but that is not always the case.

The letter carried a personalised sticker indicating the name and the address of the author, the scribe residing in Shellharbour. Again, you don’t see the personalised stickers that much any more either.

The succinct letter read _

To Whom It May Concern.

I have for a while now been thinking of this upset about gay marriage and I think it might be considered if it was called unity instead of marriage.

After all, they are united in their love for one and other so it could be called unity and save marriage for a man and a woman.

Now whether you agree with this sentiment or not, at least it is thinking about a resolution to a mess that is being served up to the Australian public. And it is a breath of fresh air to the type of hate and vitriol being served up to our politicians as a result of this issue.

Hate and vitriol which came the way of Member for Whitlam Stephen Jones who was told to “bungy jump without the cord” for his stance. Just nasty, filthy stuff coming more often from those without the courage to put their real name to such garbage. This hate and vitriol which is destined to continue until the issue is resolved.

Big Gay Rainbow Speech

During the 2013 debate about same-sex marriage in New Zealand, Pakuranga politician Maurice Williamson gave one of the great speeches in his “big gay rainbow” address to the New Zealand parliament.

In the speech Mr Williamson hilariously confronts the hysteria that exists around the debate.

“I had a letter telling me I would burn in the fires of hell for eternity ……,” Mr Williamson said in the speech. “And that was a mistake because I’ve got a degree in physics.” He issues a timely reminder “the sun will still rise tomorrow”.

At this time the Mr Williamson’s speech is a timely reminder for all Australians to take a deep breath, relax and treat people – even our politicians – with a bit of respect. Indeed, the sun will rise again tomorrow.

If you wish you can find a copy of this editorial online at www.illawarramercury.com.au and it contains a link to Mr Williamson’s speech which you can view on Youtube.


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