Letters to the editor September 11 2017


So Liberal activist Dr Scarlet wants to ban Father's Day and call it Special Person's Day.

ALL AT SEA: Looking towards Belmore Basin by Joy de Mestre.Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

ALL AT SEA: Looking towards Belmore Basin by Joy de Mestre.Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

For your information Dr Scarlet, I and countless others remember our fathers every day.

This day is just one day to highlight this remembrance - along with Mother's Day.

I had Rotary duties last Sunday at Dapto street fair and had my sons and grandchildren come up to me and give me a hug.

I rest my case. 

This is political correctness gone too far .

What's next? Anzac Day, Australia Day, Christmas Day?

As the Beatles sang: "Let it be".

Mick Chamberlain, Dapto


Transport for NSW needs to come clean on our train services.

They are contradicting themselves on whether there is capacity for extra services on the South Coast line, or not.

In Monday's article ('Train Pain', September 4), Transport for NSW says that there is no room for more passenger services on the South Coast line.

However, their recently-exhibited report arguing for extra freight trains on the line, to transport waste from the Westconnex project to Wollongong, says that "there is existing capacity on the southern railway line".

The report also says that the six additional trains per day will cause "minimal disruption to the existing network".

Come on, Transport for NSW, you can't have it both ways.

Jill Merrin, Austinmer


The content of the contribution ‘What are we voting for?’ (Illawarra Mercury, Tuesday, September 5) suggests it may have been composed by Family Life International or some other similar organisation.

A template to be used by individuals opposed to the concept of marriages equality in whatever manner they so choose.

Wherever it originated from its purpose is to add more confusion rather than to offer clarity on an issue which goes to providing fairness to fellow Australians irrespective of their religious belief race, or sexual orientation.  

Dispense with the hyperbolic forecasting of societal chaos and religious mumbo jumbo in ‘What are we voting for?’ and an answer to that question is obvious.

Australians are being offered an opportunity to participate in a voluntary, non-binding Australian Law Postal Survey on the question; “should Australians of the same sex be allowed to marry?”.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The real question requiring an answer is; why has our parliament failed to resolve this issue itself rather than adopt this expensive “Mickey Mouse” cop out?  

Barry Swan, Balgownie


Adrian Devlin (Illawarra Mercury, September 5) asks what are we voting for?

This seems to be a legitimate question.

Surely we all should know what we are voting for.

Unfortunately Adrian seems to forget that not everyone thinks as he does re original sin, god’s divine plan and sinful and evil acts.

The question is simply should people of the same sex (“created in His own image and likeness”) be allowed to marry?

All of the other points he raises, personal freedoms, safe schools, the rights of parents to care for their children and “a whole range of definitions which nobody understands” are simply scaremongering.

If Mr Devlin cannot formulate a real argument maybe he should meditate on what he understands by his phrase, “God’s love and goodness towards us”

David Gammie, Balgownie