Editorial September 16 2017

When you talk to AJ Ogilvy about the topic of marriage equality you can hear the passion in his voice.

It’s something he feels passionately about.

For the Illawarra Hawks star centre it is a simple question of equality for all.

It is that simple.

The three time All-NBL First Team centre has made his feelings on the topic known through his Twitter social media account.

Recently he sat down with the Illawarra Mercury to encourage the people of the Illawarra to think about equality as they cast their vote.

"After all the campaigning, yelling matches, ads, money spent and votes cast it all goes back to Parliament for them to do what they should have done from the start,” Ogilvy said.

“The only thing we can do is send a loud and clear message that as Australians we demand equality"

The National Basketball League on Friday released a statement on Friday backing the ‘Yes’ campaign.

The league and the Hawks have been supportive of Ogilvy taking a strong stance on the matter.

"Basketball prides itself on being the most accessible sport in Australia and one that is open to everyone in the community and the NBL is firmly committed to the values of inclusion and diversity,” NBL chief executive Jeremy Loeliger said.

"We support the right of same sex couples to marry and believe  a yes vote in the plebiscite will only reinforce Australia's reputation as a progressive, open and diverse nation."

The fact so many sporting league and associations across the country are making public statements on this topic indicates the significant period of time we have found ourselves in.

While it may not actually be a plebiscite, instead just a postal poll, the country understands the ramifications of the result.

A strong ‘yes’ would be difficult for even the most conservative of governments to ignore.

Too far the other way, it will present a very interesting situation for our federal politicians.

Many people across this region are now receiving their voting slips in the mail.

For the NBL and Aj Ogilvy, the choice being presented is clear.

It’s a vote for equality.

It’s a vote for “yes”.


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