Food ideas: Date & Almond Smoothie

It seriously concerns me just how many people I see chugging down energy drinks made up of a cocktail of highly processed chemicals, stimulants and refined sugar to keep them going throughout their day.

Smoothies are great.

Smoothies are great.

Not just adults, but kids are also becoming increasingly addicted to caffeine and refined sugars as a way to fuel their daily activities as these drinks are available to anyone, this is a worry as these drinks can have devastating effects on both our bodies and minds in the long run.

But what if I told you about an energy drink that you can make with just 3 'real' ingredients, one that will give you the same perk without the major crash that comes from taking in artificial stimulants and sugars, and one that actually supports good health rather than detracts from it. Well, here is it. It is a delicious Date & Almond Smoothie.

This energy drink provides a source of natural sugar (dates) which will serve to 'perk' up your mood and energise your body as well as making the drink taste super delish, as well as providing a healthy protein, fat and fibre source from the almonds to help you to sustain the energy long term without the crash. The drink is also highly rehydrating for your body also, which also assists your energy levels throughout the day.

Serves 1:

1/4 cup almonds

1 cup purified water

3-4 fresh dates (medjool)


Soak almonds overnight in water.

Strain and rinse nuts the following day and then place in a nutri bullet or blender with a cup of water.

Blitz until nuts are broken down and the liquid becomes creamy.

Add dates and whiz again. You can also add a dash of cinnamon or cardamom to the smoothie for some added spice.

Pour into your smoothie glass and enjoy!

Stephanie Meades is a Certified GAPS Practitioner and Nutritionist with Life Wellness Co. Pty Ltd. For more recipes or tips on living a life full of vitality and wellness visit today.