Wang Chung, Paul Young among 80s idols at Anita's Theatre in Thirroul

Another nostalgia tour rolls into Thirroul this Sunday with popstars of yesteryear to echo through Anita’s Theatre.

“People still really enjoy the music and the performances. After all these years at our advanced age it’s so gratifying that people still want to come and have a good time,” Nick Feldman of Wang Chung said.

“It’s absolutely thrilling to be able to [still play] all over the world, so we feel pretty lucky.”

The Englishman and his musical partner Jack Hues are joining Paul Young, The Cutting Crew, Go West and Taylor Dayne to take to the stage for “80s Mania”.

Feldman shot to fame more three decades ago with Wang Chung hits like  “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” and “Dance Hall Days”.

After the hype of the new wave duo died down the bassist switched to other areas of the music industry managing bands, talent scouting for record labels and even worked on The Voice in Britain.

The downtime from Wang Chung lasted around 25 years before Feldman grabbed his oversized dinner jacket and skivvy again for a tour with Bananarama – it reignited his passion for performing the retro tunes.

Wang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight

“Love of the Common People” hit-maker Paul Young had similar sentiments, saying he was “quite impressed” they were all still performing.

“The general consensus is when we see each other it’s ‘yeah, we’ve done alright’, because it’s not the easiest business to be in,” Young said.

“It makes me feel quite good to say I’ve made it my profession since I was 20.”

Young, who also performs around the globe with tex mex group Los Pacinamos, said one of the coolest perks of his job is getting to meet famous people like Hugh Jackman.

Paul Young - Love of the Common People

“I was quite impressed to meet him [when] I went to the premier of one of his movies. He knew my stuff, he definitely did, he’s a music fan,” he said.

“That’s the biggest thrill recently.”

But the audience won’t just be music lovers born before 1981 with both musicians attesting to younger generations discovering them their music through mediums like Spotify or even soundtracks to popular movies.

80s Mania, Anita’s Theatre in Thirroul, Sunday November 12.