Letters to the editor December 9 2017

GOING BUSH: Cascade Falls, Macquarie Pass by Anita Pallas Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
GOING BUSH: Cascade Falls, Macquarie Pass by Anita Pallas Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


I  just cannot believe this so called government having another four MPs not declaring their status.

But you have to ask yourself, why are we the public paying for there costs.

No wonder we are in a huge hole of debt.

This state government should invest the $5 billion dollars in the education system, then reeducate all these so called MPs.

Then they could answer their simple questions.

Makes one sick to the stomach having to pay for there mistakes.

Get out.

Lawrence Wren, Fairy Meadow


Can anyone tell me why they now have carpet in hospital patient rooms (they used to have linoleum).

Vomit, blood, urine etc fall onto the carpet and gets cleaned up (sometimes forgotten about if the nurses are too busy).

Having carpet does not help deter germs and disease infesting our hospitals, they insist on washing hands yet we have carpet in hour hospitals.

It’s a joke.

I just don't see the logic.

Clara Tyler, Bulli


Conal Hanna writes (Illawarra Mercury, December 5) that “the big four banks are publicly owned , meaning that we are their greedy owners”.  

What a load of cods wallop. This is because he says  “millions of Australians own some shares in the banks”.

Corporate wealth is owned by a rich few, the four banks are not just a part of that corporate few they control the cost of money that is borrowed by it.

And that includes all of us who need to borrow or deposit money for safe keeping.

Banks can raise profits on the essential needs of society by raising the cost of money lent. It is a powerful lever concerned with producing profit, not society’s needs.

And it contests the Reserve Bank’s share index when it disagrees with their greedy one.

Their shameful greed has caused Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reluctantly agree to a Royal Commission that could confirm the obvious.

That banking should not be a capitalist cash cow, it should be owned by the people

Reg Wilding, Wollongong


In response to the front page article ‘Too Valuable to lose’ (Illawarra Mercury, Monday December 4, 2017).

While the three "Labor" Wollongong city councillors have some political motivation in making a stand over the Gong Shuttle, I acknowledge the seriousness of the matter they are raising, while also extending to other "immediate" issues for Wollongong and Illawarra residence.

The State Coalition government would do well to consider sharing the billions in revenue around the state, not just in Sydney.

With such a huge load of cash to splash the government could address the following _

1. Build the lift at Unanderra train station.

2. Continue funding the Gong Shuttle.

3. Update specialised medical equipment in our hospitals and rehabilitation centres for the benefit of local residence.

Clearly what I have mentioned would cost millions, but it would be money well spent and appreciated by the people who live south of the big smoke.

Wollongong City Council should not have to look at ways of funding the Gong Shuttle when State government revenue is overflowing.

What an utter disgrace by the Coalition government.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


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