Facebook reality? A few steps left of the real thing

I have deactivated my Facebook account more times than I care to remember. And it pains me to say that every single time, I have pressed the reactivate button in a matter of days.

The pressure is real. For one reason or another it’s mighty hard to kick the habit.

For example my work in media is inextricably linked to social media. Our Facebook page is where we publish content and interact with our audience. 

And sure, on a personal level there are also obvious benefits.

Facebook is where friends gather for a chat, where party invitations are posted, where memories are shared, where concerts are advertised.

But mostly Facebook is perceived reality, not reality. It’s when people post pictures with perfect smiles and perfect poses to show the poster is living a life worthy of envy. The motivation can be to create a brand for their business, or a profile to get friends. Sometimes it’s simply just about seeing how many “likes” they can attract. How important they are to the people around them.

Posters unashamedly sit back and marvel at the level of love that’s out there for them and their situation.

Well here’s a news flash. Often the “likers” just click the thumbs up button as they scroll through their feed for 20 seconds of their day. They’ve probably “liked” another 20 either side.

And what I find particularly bemusing is the passive aggressive fights that fester and then explode between grown adults.

A post like “I just don’t understand people sometimes” can be translated to: “A friend has just pissed me right off. Please ask me for details.”

Then there’s those passive aggressive jibes disguised as motivational quotes: “Surround yourself with the things you love. Discard the rest” is a good one. We all know that means someone is about to be blocked  – or unfriended at the very least.