Ed Space column December 9 2017

Forgive me for saying it, but the scenes out of Canberra on Thursday were just a little bit sickening. Of course it was a momentous day. No doubt about that.

The fact same-sex marriage will be made acceptable by law in this country is indeed historic, even though it should have been accepted in our society a long time ago anyway. Love is love after all.

Yet the sight of federal politicians jumping around and hugging like they were at a bad 21st birthday party made me spew up a little in my mouth.

It should never be forgotten this country was forced to endure an expensive and bitter postal survey on this debate to prove what we knew all along.   The majority of Australians support same-sex marriage.  In years to come I suspect future generations will look back at the last couple of months of Australian history and wonder what the hell all the fuss was about.

This process was forced upon us all, not because it was “the right thing to do”, not at all. This process was forced on us purely because of party politics. Plain and simple. Looking back on 2017, Australian history should not remember the year in politics fondly. A lot that has happened in 2017, from a political perspective, should be viewed with utter disgust. The Year 2017 should be remembered as the annus horribilis of Australian politics.

A year that has shown up everything that is wrong with politics in this country and potentially a system which is completely broken, corrupt and in need of giant enema. It is us everyday Australians who should be the ones celebrating.

Celebrating we have survived the bitter, divisive process served up to us by those who we vote for and pay handsomely to govern this country yet who failed so dismally from the outset. Canberra, you’ve had your fun, now get on with running the damn country.


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