Incredible cloud formation captured as storm rolls over Illawarra

After a long night of stormy weather on Monday and into Tuesday morning, thunderstorms – and wild wind – made their way back to the Illawarra this afternoon.

About 4pm, Bureau of Meteorology warned a trough moving through the state with “warm and high-humidity air” would bring storms to much of the state. 

The strong storm movement and fast winds meant wind gusts would be the most likely phenomena, the bureau said.

At 5.54pm, a 122 kilometre wind gust was recorded at Nowra.

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Just before 6pm, the fast-moving front was well over the Illawarra, with a dark grey cloud bank moving swiftly over the region.

It was followed by an impressive lightning show and rumbling thunder, which moved quickly towards the north and north east.

It was due to hit Sydney just after 7.30pm.

On Wednesday, cooler temperatures (with a top of 23 degrees) and more rain is forecast – however storms are not in the bureau’s predictions.