Letters to the editor February 14 2018

ON FIRE: Spinning steel wool at Bombo Quarry by Anita Pallas. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
ON FIRE: Spinning steel wool at Bombo Quarry by Anita Pallas. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


Recently I have had the pleasure and displeasure of using Jetgo Airlines from Albion Park Rail to Brisbane.

My brother passed away in December. He lived in Qld.

The pleasure I got out of JetGo was that I flew to Brisbane immediately and I didn't have to travel to Sydney to catch the plane. It was convenient and reasonably priced.

Because I was his executor I had to organise his estate so I booked two other return flights.

The estate was settled quicker than expected and I didn't need the second return flight or the last flight up and back, so that was three flights I didn't require.

I contacted Jetgo and asked if a refund was possible and I was told that the only solution was to forfeit my tickets and money or put the tickets on credit hold which wasn't a problem until she told me that to do this it would cost me $65 per ticket.

That's an extra $195 on top of the price of the ticket which were $162 each.

I told her to take it off the ticket price but she insisted that I had to give her my credit card details and pay now to put the tickets on credit hold.

I don't mind paying admin fees but this is ridiculous.

If this is how they are going to treat the local community I don't want to deal with them.

After our first flight I was espousing how great they were and how we would always use them for domestic flights but this episode has left me bitter.

JetGo, NoGo.

Des Bedford, Unanderra


I refer to the recent controversy in relation to the non-issue of school bus pass for free travel.

During my tenure as manager of the School Student Transport Scheme in the ‘90s Sienna would have been eligible for free travel because the cut-off distance in those days was 1.6 kilometres measured on a radius from the centre of the school site.

If a complaint was forthcoming about “safety” along the walking route to school an Inspector would investigate and write a report. 

And if the walking distance between home and the school gate was considered unsafe, a pass would be issued.

The other issue involving the disabling chronic health of the parent would also be taken into consideration.

Then again, times have changed and I cannot write with any authority on this matter

John Macleod,  Berry


The desperate need to solve Thirroul traffic woes is evidenced by floating the fanciful idea of converting the Phillip Street-Foothills Road/ Hill Street fire trail into an additional through-road, albeit an unstable, steep and circuitous deviation that experiences periodic major rainfall run-off.

Not to mention the build-up of traffic to do with Lawrence Hargrave Hospital, especially since its extensions.

Or the traffic to do with Thirroul Public School. 

Or the frustrating queues at the traffic lights near Ryans Hotel.

 Or, in some folks' eyes an insignificant consideration, the abundance of wildlife that criss-crosses the  boundary between Lady Fuller Park section of the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area and the forested old Excelsior Mine area.

It's regrettable that no through-road was established when the housing estates bordering McCauley's Beach were planned, like Pioneer Drive past those new homes close to Woonona-Bellambi Beach.

So think elsewhere, traffic problem-solvers: An upgraded rail service for starters.

Mike Morphett,Thirroul


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