New name for part of Keiraville road as UOW expands

The road to be renamed.
The road to be renamed.

The northern part of Robsons Road, behind the University of Wollongong, will become known as O’Leary Road, under a council recommendation.

The small portion of road, north of the roundabout link on Northfields Avenue, has previously had no official name. However, a name is now necessary, the council says, as the university has constructed three new buildings and a restricted area on its land adjacent to the northern part of the road.

These buildings require address numbers for the council and emergency services.

The new name has been chosen for the O’Leary dairy farm which once occupied that land where UOW now stands.

Birt Road, after UOW’s first Vice Chancellor, and Flugelman Road, after the late sculptor Bert Flugelman were also considered.

The council received 11 submissions about the new name, with eight of these in favour of O’Leary Road.

Residents group Neighbourhood Forum 5 objected to the rename, saying the portion of road has long been known as Robsons, but suggesting Robsons Road North if the naming were to go ahead.