Nathan Lamont refused bail over replica gun find: court

An Albion Park Rail man will remain behind bars after being refused bail on Sunday over allegations police found a replica gun in his bedroom in contravention of a firearms prohibition order.

Court documents reveal Nathan Raymond Lamont was staying at an associate’s house in April this year when police raided it for prohibited items, namely firearms.

Lamont declined to stay at the property while police carried out the search however allegedly admitted ownership of a vial of steroids, which he told officers they could find inside a bag in his bedroom.

However, when police will allege they discovered another item inside the bag at the same time – an imitation pistol. Lamont was allowed the leave the property at the time.

Meantime, police allegedly uncovered a cache of knives, shotgun rounds, a pistol template, assorted firearm parts and fireworks at the house. It is understood Lamont’s associate has been charged in relation to these discoveries, as he too was subject to a firearms prohibition order.

Meantime, Wollongong Bail Court on Sunday heard police arrested Lamont in the early hours of Saturday morning after he was allegedly detected speeding and driving his Toyota Rav 4 while drunk at Albion Park.

Police checks revealed Lamont holds is a P-plater, and is therefore subject to having any alcohol in his system while driving.

It is alleged he recorded an alcohol reading of 0.08 when tested at Lake Illawarra Police Station. 

He was subsequently charges with speeding and drink driving as well as the firearms offences relating to the April property search.

In court on Sunday, Lamont’s lawyer said his client would defend the charges and claimed that the gun was toy that belonged to the children who lived at the house.

The lawyer described the case against Lamont as “weak”, however registrar Bruiceen Coulthard found Lamont had not shown cause why his detention was not justified.

He was refused bail to reappear in court on Tuesday.