Coffee Club Wollongong opens in time for Dragons vs Eels game at WIN Stadium

Rugby League, Dragons and Eels fans will get an extra treat on Thursday night following the opening of The Coffee Club Wollongong at 7am.

The new licensed 150 seat eatery will open from 7am to 5pm most days but until 8pm during special events such as home games for the Dragons and Hawkes and major shows at the WEC.

The restaurant is the second Coffee Club outlet operated by Hayden and Sheryl Ramsey who were involved in the opening of The Coffee Club Shellharbour in 2012 and still run it after buying the other half share from their original partners in the business.

The Ramsey’s two daughters Emma and Kira will continue to work at the Shellharbour restaurant while son Jaryd manages Wollongong.

Hayden Ramsey said his family had wanted to open a Coffee Club in Wollongong for some time but were just waiting for the right location.

They are also looking at the possibility of opening another one on the South Coast. “We have always wanted to do one in Wollongong,” Mr Ramsay said.

The 320sqm Wollongong eatery is slightly larger than Shellharbour. The menu will be the same.

“We are even considering marybe using this as a function facility after 5pm,” he said.

30 jobs have been created at the new Coffee Club Wollongong. Much of the training was done at Shellharbour.