Corrimal East Public School opens its new sensory room

Aiden Hicks liked the new and colourful play equipment best.

Jarvis Nixon on the other hand was fascinated by ‘all the colours’ in the new sensory room at Corimal East Public School.

Julia Stirling, the school’s support unit relieving assistant principal, was just ecstatic with how good the sensory room looked.

“Creating the sensory room was a 12 month process,” she said.

“We visited a few sensory rooms to gain ideas and tailored a design to suit the needs of our students.”

Corrimal East Public School has three Autism Special Education Support Classes consisting of 21 students, three classroom teachers, three School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) and an assistant principal (Mrs Stirling).

“Students within our Autism support classes can experience high anxiety, have trouble self regulating their emotions and behaviours,” Mrs Stirling said.

“The sensory room is an important resource for them to utilise to help calm themselves, develop strategies to help self regulate and reduce anxiety.

“We were fortunate enough that our principal Bede Darcey allocated an area to create a sensory room and trusted the Support Unit Team throughout  the whole process.

“The school's general assistant built some of the rooms’ equipment and kindly completed a lot of the hands on work within the sensory room.”

The school also raised money from an Autism Awareness Day.

“Students from the whole school dressed in blue in support of the day and we had a pizza lunch deal with a blue donut that students could purchase.

“All classes participated in a lesson to help gain a better understanding of autism,” Mrs Stirling said.

Woonona Lions Club also donated $2000 to buy carpet and resourses for the room.