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8 Reasons to build your kid a playground

A playground provides your kids with the opportunity to make memories and more. Picture Shutterstock
A playground provides your kids with the opportunity to make memories and more. Picture Shutterstock

Some of the best memories we make are when we're kids. Whether they're going on a road trip with mum and dad or playing with friends, there's always one or two that we remember as adults. Having a playground provides your kids with the opportunity to make these memories and more. Here are some reasons why you should consider building a playground for your kid.

Why playing outside is important for kids

Playgrounds offer more than just a place for your kid to drain their energy (although this is a benefit for parents); they're essential to your child's physical and mental development. Let us explain. Allowing your child to play outdoors in a playground will offer them a unique opportunity to develop self-confidence, independence, and self-esteem.

Each section of the playground will present them with a challenge, either physically or cognitively. How your child overcomes these challenges is an integral part of their growth. As they learn and get stronger, the playground will become easier to navigate, meaning they'd have to get more creative. In the end, they'll have a wonderful time, and they'll grow into a bright youngster.

Playground ideas

Designing a playground has unlimited potential. From fun DIY swings, slides and monkey bars to getting professionally made jungle gyms from Vuly Play, you can do so much. Here are some basic playground ideas for you to go off:

  • Seesaws
  • Monkey bars
  • Slides
  • Jungle Gyms
  • Sand Pits
  • Climbing walls
  • Swings

8 Reasons to build a playground for your kid

As we mentioned earlier, playgrounds can be key to your child's development. But there's still more to add. Here are 8 reasons why we think you should build a playground for your kid:

1. Encourages curiosity & builds confidence

Children are naturally curious. It starts in infancy when you see them begin to grab and destroy anything they can get their hands on; they're just curious. When they get a little older, this changes from destroying things (hopefully) to exploring new activities and trying new things.

Playgrounds offer your kids the perfect opportunity to do this. With new challenges and activities to try, your kids' curiosity will be fully engaged, and at the same time, as they learn how to navigate the playground well, they'll build the confidence to tackle new challenges.

2. Develops motor skills

This one is a given. Running around, swinging, and climbing will help your kid develop key motor skills. These activities will strengthen their coordination, build their agility and fine-tune their gross motor skills, preparing them for adulthood.

3. Aids in building social skills

Whether you're taking your kid to the public park or building one in your backyard and allowing their friends to join them, playgrounds create the perfect social environment for kids to learn valuable social skills. From learning how to communicate well to creating fun, creative games with friends, you kids will learn to build social connections that enable social skills like empathy, leadership, teamwork and more.

4. Improves fitness

At a young age, kids are already relatively fit. But regardless of that, getting them out and about will improve their fitness and help them develop properly. Playing in the playground, climbing, swinging, and running around will all add to strengthening their muscles and cardiovascular system.

5. Enhances cognitive ability

Playgrounds will help your child think more creatively and critically. Consider this: your child needs to climb across the monkey bars for the first time. What's happening in their brain? They're assessing the challenge and working out how to overcome it. Simple example, but exactly what's happening. Through approaching new challenges, kids develop good problem-solving skills that will benefit them in the future.

6. Provides emotional support

Playing outside, overcoming challenges, and exercising can have a positive effect on your child's emotional status. Like adults, exercise and having fun release endorphins that make us happier. It's the same with kids.

7. Burns energy

Here's one for the parents. Allowing your child to play outside in a jungle gym while you supervise will let them burn off the loads of energy they have. This helps you in two ways. Firstly, they'll most likely hit the sack afterwards, giving you some time to yourself. Secondly, playing with themselves or alone builds their independence; all you need to do is watch. Giving you some time to relax as well.

Final thoughts

It's not about spending an arm and a leg to give your child a new toy. It's about providing them with a safe area to develop, blow off some steam, and have fun. For parents considering building a playground for their kids, trust us, it won't disappoint.