First step to leaner living

Sometimes finding where to start is the hardest part.

Not really knowing where to go, what to do or how to do it leaves a person in limbo.

While they contemplate when they could actually be doing, time is being wasted. So I'm going to give you a simple and effective plan to get you started. Today, we are going to focus on toning up.

If you constantly grab at your skin and wish it wasn't all there, then here is how to tighten it up.

1. Train with purpose. Take some measurements to begin with so that you can track your progress along the way. You'll need to know what works for you so you are not wasting your time.

2. Include cardio. To get lean, you need to have an element of cardio in your program. For best results, work with intervals in any type of cardio activity that gets your heart rate up. Running is one cardio exercise that produces amazing results when it comes to toning up as it uses such a large number of muscles.

3. Use resistance. Whether you use your own body weight or weights you need to choose a load that enables you to repeat the exercise numerous times.

Work with high repetitions of 15 plus.

4. Break it down. Break down your session into muscle groups so that you can ensure you get a total body workout that will tighten and tone. Start with the big muscles of the legs and butt to get nice and mobile, then work the chest and shoulders, back, arms and core abdominals.

5. Feel the burn. If you start to feel a burn within the muscle and it starts to become fatigued, this is a good sign - but it should never be felt in the joints.

6. Clean up your diet. Along with all the work on the outside, you've got to do the work on the inside.

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