Prodigy's idea changes medicine delivery

Science prodigy Macinley Butson is changing the face of medicine delivery with what she calls the "Spoonge".

The year 7 TIGS student combined the best qualities of a spoon and syringe for her entry in the national BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards, where she was placed third.

The awards are a partnership between BHP Billiton, the CSIRO and the Australian Science Teachers Association that recognise school-aged students for their innovative ideas, research and investigation.

Macinley (pictured) competed against 25 high school students from around the country, including her 17-year-old brother Ethan.

"I've always looked up to him and it was nice to compete against him for a change," she said.

"We weren't very competitive. We had a healthy relationship and helped each other out."

Inspiration for Macinley's invention stemmed from personal experience, having suffered from whooping cough, swine flu and pneumonia in the past.

"I remember looking at the different spoons and syringes and wondering if they all hold exactly five millilitres," she said. "I decided to make a better device."

The Spoonge accurately measures and delivers medicine without the risk of overdosing or underdosing.

"I would definitely recommend it," Macinley said.

Macinley Butson. Picture: SYLVIA LIBER

Macinley Butson. Picture: SYLVIA LIBER


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