Two plead guilty to affray following attack

Two men have pleaded guilty to affray following an unprovoked attack on a man at a Mount Keira unit block last year.

Mitchell Mustafa, 20, and Jordan Strudwick, 22, appeared in Wollongong Local Court on Monday over the August 28 attack, which left a man bloodied on the doorstep of his Mount Keira unit.

The court heard the man had witnessed Mustafa and Strudwick screaming loudly and pulling on the screen door of a unit on the above level, before abusing an elderly resident who was standing in the adjacent common area.

As he came out of his unit he heard other residents complain about the yelling, and he saw the men move on.

As they passed by him Mustafa grabbed him by the throat and began punching him in the face.

In defence, the man punched Mustafa to the ground and then pushed Strudwick, who was coming towards him, and eventually ended up on the ground in a scuffle with the two men.

On Monday the pair pleaded guilty to one charge each of affray.

Mustafa also pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited drug.

He was placed on an 18-month good behaviour bond and fined a total $1400. Strudwick is due to be sentenced on May 7.