Brothel owner threatened to shoot girl's family: court

A girl who described being coached with a pornographic video during a sexual assault when she was seven or eight years old was exposed to adult videos at the brothels where her mother worked, and not as a result of any assault, the man defending the allegations has told Wollongong District Court.

Dennis Raymond Walker.

Dennis Raymond Walker.

Albion Park divorcee Dennis Raymond Walker met the girl's mother in 2005 at an Auburn Street, Wollongong, brothel, where he was a client and the woman was working.

Walker, 67, is accused of engaging in sexual acts with the girl in 2008 or 2009, then threatening to "shoot her family" if the girl - then aged about seven - told her parents about the alleged abuse.

Walker has pleaded not guilty to four counts of sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10 and one count of indecent assault.

On Thursday he told the court he became part-owner of a brothel in Sylvester Ave, Unanderra, in 2005.

He said the girl's mother used to bring her to the brothel, and to a second parlour he ran in West Street, Wollongong, where "a lot of the girls used to like watching pornography, especially the Chinese [pornography]".

Walker told police the girl "probably would have seen" pornographic videos at the parlours because her mother repeatedly brought her there against his wishes.

Crown prosecutor Andrew McMaster pointed to inconsistencies in Walker's interview, where, asked if the girl had attended massage parlours, he at first replied "not to my knowledge", but later said the girl had visited "a couple of times".

Walker went on to detail how she walked around the parlour "all the time".

"I suggest to you that you only changed your evidence when it became clear to you that it was no longer in your best interests to maintain that position that [the girl] had never been to a parlour," Mr McMaster said.

"I deny that."

The court heard the girl disclosed the alleged abuse to a school friend, and later to her father, mother and police, in what Mr McMaster told the jury was a consistent account.

In closing submissions, Walker's barrister, Peter Pearsall, questioned why Walker would interfere with the girl on only two occasions when he had many other opportunities over several years.

The court heard Walker had willingly taken the stand and given an interview to police.

Mr Pearsall told the jury the girl had repeatedly lied to them when she denied she had been abused by her mother.

Details of the verbal and physical abuse, which include the mother biting the girl, calling her an "effing idiot", and kicking her to the groin so that she had trouble walking and running, were provided in school records obtained by the court.

"It's something that ... raises a big red question mark over the rest of her evidence."

The trial, before Judge Paul Conlon, continues on Friday.