Dapto man faces stab charges after alleged road rage incident

A Dapto labourer has denied he stabbed a driver in the arm during a road rage incident sparked by the honk of a car horn.

Travis Henson, 23, pleaded not guilty in Wollongong Local Court on Wednesday to a charge of reckless wounding stemming from allegations he used a 30-centimetre knife to slash the man's left forearm while assaulting him with a plastic pole.

However, Henson pleaded guilty to a property damage charge arising from the same incident, admitting he did use the pole to smash up the man's vehicle.

Police documents tendered to the court during Henson's bail application said he and his girlfriend were travelling through roadworks on the Princes Highway at Kembla Grange in the woman's black Holden Astra when they failed to allow the victim's vehicle to merge into their lane, prompting the other driver to honk his horn at the pair.

Henson's girlfriend applied the brakes sharply, while Henson allegedly leant out the passenger's side window and threw a screwdriver towards the man's ute.

When the cars arrived at the intersection of Bong Bong Road and the Princes Highway, the driver of the ute stopped in a bus bay in order to take down the registration number of Henson's girlfriend's car.

Police allege Henson hopped out of the Astra armed with the knife and headed towards the victim's car, prompting the victim to pick up the plastic pole from inside his own car.

Henson allegedly grabbed the pole from the man and started attacking him.

The man received a deep gash to his arm during the melee, which police will allege was caused by Henson's knife.

Henson's girlfriend tried to break up the fight. However, Henson used the pole to damage the ute further.

The pair then left the scene, driving to Henson's home nearby before going to Dapto Police Station, where Henson was subsequently arrested.

In court on Wednesday, defence lawyer Paul Paine sought Henson's release on bail, saying he would agree to any conditions imposed by the court.

Magistrate Michael Stoddart agreed to release Henson on strict bail, noting that he had voluntarily approached police.

The matter will return to court in July.