CELEB GOSS: Coldplay take over Sydney streets to shoot video with fans

Coldplay take over hipster streets to shoot A Sky Full of Stars video with fans

English indie rock group Coldplay are not teeny-boppers, but they are doing their best to impersonate a boy band on the streets of Sydney today.

The band, who are all in their mid-to-late 30s are in Australia for a one-off promotional gig on Thursday and used social media on Monday afternoon to call for 250 fans to appear in a video shoot for the song A Sky Full of Stars.

Coldplay asked wannabes to "bring a smile" and assemble at 11.30am at the Courthouse Hotel on the corner of Australia Street and Lennox Street in the inner west suburb.

Coldplay had their 250 volunteers by just before 11am, but fans were arriving long before.

"I heard somebody say there were sleeping bags here," said Josh McConaha, a 23-year-old Sydney university student originally from Cincinati in the US.

The expectant waiting fans were ushered into the garden bar of the Courthouse pub, although a soft drinks-only rule was applied. They occupied themselves singing Coldplay songs and swapping stories.

Georgia Hammett 18, wasn't sure what to expect from the shoot: "Maybe we will run down the street dancing, who knows?"

Georgia Quigley, 21, was clearer in her hopes for the day: "I'm just hoping to swing some free tickets [for the Enmore gig]. I missed out."

The video shoot was due to happen around 1pm but would not take place in the pub, an organiser said.

Newtown is usually more closely associated with niche hipster and art-rock projects than world-famous stadium-filling acts singing epic ballads with lyrics like A Sky Full of Stars, which goes: "Cos you're a sky, cos you're a sky full of stars / I wanna die in your arms / Cos you get lighter the more it gets dark / I'm gonna give you my heart."

But the invitation proved popular on social media and is expected to fill the parkside Newtown streets for the first half of Tuesday, even if most of the fans have come in from outside of Newtown.

Peter Vincent, smh.com.au

Game of Thrones heart throb knows he’s mopey

Game of Thrones' Kit Harington.

Game of Thrones' Kit Harington.

As dour hero Jon Snow, actor Kit Harington has developed a reputation for his ‘‘mopey’’ expressions and downcast demeanour.

But the English actor says he wasn’t moping in this season’s Game Of Thrones.

He was just saving his smile for a scene in which Snow sees his wilding ex, Ygritte.

‘‘I saved that for their reunion,’’ Harington told Vulture.

‘‘That was completely intentional.’’

He said a friend had sent him the web coverage of his brooding visage, so he was well aware that cracking a rare grin would ‘‘have some impact’’.

And even though it took place in the magical realm of Westeros, Harington said he knew what Snow was feeling when he spied his former lover on the battlefield.

‘‘It’s like (when) you’ve split up with an ex-girlfriend,’’ he explained.

‘‘It’s been like a month, and all you want is just to see her.‘‘It’s that release. And then - arrow through the heart!’’

Speaking about the popular fantasy series’ finale, Harington also revealed he relished the opportunity to share the screen with the show’s other flame-haired temptress, Carice van Houten’s Melisandre.

As Snow, Harington shares a telling glance with the enigmatic priestess. ‘‘Jon has a type, right?,’’ Harington laughed.

'‘One redhead goes, another comes along!’’

The dark-haired heartthrob will begin filming season five of Game Of Thrones in July.


Hugh Jackman Australia’s most trusted star

Actor Hugh Jackman is among the five most trusted Australians.

Jackman was ranked 5th on the Reader’s Digest annual Most Trusted People in 2014 list - topped by Neurosurgeon and founder of Cure For Life Foundation Charlie Teo.

The X-Men star is an up-and-comer when it comes to trustworthiness - in 2005 Jackman was ranked No.23 on the list. Last year he was No.10.Despite his hollywood hearthrob status and large paypacket, estimated at $US55 million ($A59.5 million) last year, Jackman is still regarded as a rock-solid, genuine, family man.

‘‘He is a decent human being and supports good causes,’’ says the Reader’s Digest.

Other celebrities to make the 2014 list are TV vet Harry Cooper (No.11), actor Geoffrey Rush (No.13) and Oscar winner Cate Blanchett (No.16).


Justin Bieber theft case rejected

Justin Bieber reportedly won’t face charges of robbery because the case has been rejected.

The 20-year-old singer was the subject of an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department after a Californian woman claimed he grabbed her phone out of her purse after she attempted to snap photos of him at a batting cage last month.

TMZ is now reporting the Los Angeles City Attorney rejected the case due to insufficient evidence, so no charges will be filed against the star over the matter.

The outlet previously reported police were unable to substantiate the woman’s claims, which prompted the District Attorney to reject felony prosecution.

The case was then sent to the City Attorney for further assessment and since the office rejected the allegations, the pop star will not be charged with a misdemeanour or any other crime.

Around the time the alleged incident is said to have occurred at Sherman Oaks, California, in May, a source told the New York Daily News Justin was ‘‘just enjoying hanging out with friends at the batting cage and playing mini-golf’’ without incident.

‘‘There were a lot of different people taking Justin’s picture, which is totally normal,’’ the insider said.

‘‘This just wasn’t a big deal, the woman didn’t stand out. This is another example of someone making an issue where there isn’t one.’’

Justin has been at the centre of a great deal of legal trouble recently. He was also arrested for DUI in Miami earlier this year, but is said to have reached a plea deal with cops, which will see him plead guilty to reckless driving and attend anger management classes.

However he is not off the hook entirely, as the Los Angeles District Attorney is still reportedly considering charging him with a felony amid claims he egged a neighbour’s home, causing an estimated $US20,000 ($A21,639.17) in damage.


Bob Dylan resumes tour

Bob Dylan has resumed touring in Ireland after a three month break and will bring his show to Australian and New Zealand theatres in August and September.

The first show on the latest leg of Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour took place in Cork, Ireland on Monday night.Dylan fans are being treated to songs from his recent album Tempest on this tour.

Dylan focuses in his innovative four albums Time Out Of Mind, Love And Theft, Modern Times and Together Through Life on tour.

Time Out Of Mind is listed as one of the greatest albums of all-time and earned Dylan three Grammy Awards including Album of the Year in 1998.

Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks is represented with Tangled Up In Blue and Simple Twist Of Fate.

Bob Dylan’s Australian dates: August 13 and 14, Perth, Riverside Theatre; August 18 and 19, Melbourne, Palais Theatre; August 25, Brisbane, Convention and Exhibition Theatre; August 29, Canberra, Royal Theatre; August 31, Adelaide, Entertainment Centre; and September 3 and 4, Sydney, State Theatre.