Albion Park customer stranded after wild winds cause havoc

A fallen tree near Abby Fireplace on Tuesday.
A fallen tree near Abby Fireplace on Tuesday.

A customer of Abbey Fireplaces ended up staying there longer then he expected after the wild winds brought down a tree in Albion Park.

At about 4.30pm on Tuesday, the winds brought down a large tree at the business’ side car park, which in turn brought power lines down across the driveway.

‘‘A customer had just popped in,’’ said employee Suzi Rowe.

‘‘He told his wife he was going to be leaving his house for a minute. He came in to ask a question and that’s when the tree came down and the power line was over his car.

‘‘So he was here until about 7.30 last night.’’

It wasn’t just him either, with power lines across the driveway, no-one was able to drive home.

‘‘We were all stuck here - we couldn’t get out,’’ Ms Rowe said.



‘‘I live in Sydney and I had to call my boyfriend to come and pick me up and stay the night. I had to call and get someone to take care of my dogs at home.’’

Fortunately, the front entrance to the business is on Industrial Road, so employees could walk out that way when it was safe – at about 7.30pm.

But, if there’s anywhere you want to be stuck when it’s cold and dark, it’s in a business that makes fireplaces.

‘‘We were lucky in a way - because we’re Abbey Fireplaces, we had our wood fireplace going,’’ Ms Rowe said.

‘‘We were able to have some light and some heat while we were in there.’’


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