Memo Robbie Farah: Wests Tigers need leadership ... now

Steve ‘‘Blocker’’ Roach addresses the Wests Tigers players during a training session at Concord Oval on Wednesday.  picture: GETTY IMAGES
Steve ‘‘Blocker’’ Roach addresses the Wests Tigers players during a training session at Concord Oval on Wednesday. picture: GETTY IMAGES


The Wests Tigers need leadership.

And they need it now, which is why Robbie Farah should have been at training on Wednesday.

There's no doubt Robbie is under a lot of pressure at the moment, it's a difficult situation for all of us.

But the bottom line for the Tigers is about winning football games and staying in the finals race.

The leadership should be coming from the top down, but with the new NRL-led board not expected to take over until the end of August - comprising three NRL appointees and two each from Wests Group and Balmain - the club has to look elsewhere.

It seemed there was going to be a decision on coach Mick Potter's future last week, but the board members got a little spooked.

It's hard for them to make long-term decisions when they won't be there, so they put back the decision until the end of the season.

Now the club has to put this behind them and get on with footy.

As an assistant coach at the mighty Tigers, this columnist gathered the squad at Concord Oval on Wednesday without Robbie there.

The message to them was a simple one.

Either we can listen to the doubts in our own minds and be distracted by what's happening with the club, or we can worry about what we can control.

Of course the loss to the Dragons on Sunday was disappointing. They scored 22 points before we found an answer, but how are you supposed to prepare for a game when the coach and the captain are discussing other issues for 20 minutes before kick-off.

From now on, the coach - which is still Mick - and the captain, Robbie, should be taking control and working together to lead the club.

Which is why Robbie has to make his top priority leading this football team, and that starts at training.

The young blokes in the team, the likes of Mitch Moses, Blake Austin, Curtis Sironen and Luke Brooks, they're only focusing on footy.

Their task should not be made any more complicated than them worrying about playing.

Remember, it was less than two weeks ago the Tigers put 46 points on the Bulldogs, one of the premiership favourites.

If they take control of their season now, who knows what might happen this year.

The next step is to train again on Friday and do everything possible to prepare to beat a Melbourne team that features some of the best players in the NRL.

Mick Potter is still the coach this season and credit to him, he's carried the same demeanour and focus all year.

He's got a lot of people on side and let them know he's got a job to do and is getting on with it.

This young playing group has huge potential, both this season and for the future, but what they need is the right people to lead the way.


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