Siege 'hooligan’ wanted to get killed

A self-confessed ‘‘hooligan’’ with mental health issues has been jailed for his role in a Wombarra police siege, after telling a court he conducted the prank to ‘‘test’’ the police response.

Martin Goose admitted to Port Kembla Local Court he intentionally led police to believe he was dangerous and in possession of a pump-action rifle when they confronted him on a Denmark Street property on August 9.

Officers had been called to evict the 57-year-old from the 2.4-hectare bush property after he was discovered camping illegally in his van at the site.

Goose initially told the court he pulled the prank to ‘‘test’’ the police response because ‘‘there are too many times when the police are not doing it right’’ but later admitted he had hoped they would kill him in the process.

He said he suffers from ‘‘pretty powerful anxiety’’ and was not taking his medication at the time.

During the siege Goose confronted officers with what appeared to be a pump-action rifle, which he held across his chest and then to his chin.

Attending officers retreated before they were joined at the property by further general duty and tactical assault officers, who established a perimeter around the property.

A police helicopter was also called in and located Goose, who later surrendered.

It was then  discovered his weapon was a plastic toy.

Goose told arresting officers he had wanted them to ‘‘shoot him in the head’’.

On Tuesday Magistrate Mark Richardson expressed concerns about Goose’s mental health, despite him getting the ‘‘all clear’’ from Wollongong Hospital.

Goose readily pleaded guilty to trespassing and assaulting police.

Magistrate Richardson sentenced Goose to two years’ jail with a minimum non-parole period of nine months.

Goose was ordered to pay $450 for trespassing and $666.38 compensation for the police helicopter call-out.