Father rushes home after daughter dies in accident

Horse trainer Peter Lord and daughter Molly on her horse Billy at their Thirroul home.
Horse trainer Peter Lord and daughter Molly on her horse Billy at their Thirroul home.

An Illawarra horse racing identity and his family have been devastated by their daughter’s death in a quad bike accident at Kembla Grange.

Molly Lord was riding with her little sister and two other passengers shortly before the bike tipped over yesterday afternoon, pinning her.

The 13-year-old Holy Spirit College student lay a short distance from the family’s heritage-listed homestead, Newton Park, which is next to Kembla Grange Racecourse.

A farmhand rushed to administer CPR, but Molly died from her injuries.

Her father, racehorse owner and the International Equine Group’s managing director Peter Lord, is overseas and rushing to be with his family.

It is believed the bike flew over the property’s long, gravelly driveway about 12.15pm with Molly at the wheel.

Her three passengers included 10-year-old sister Emily and two family friends, aged 10 and 16.

As the bike approached the embankment leading up to the driveway, one of the friends bailed out and landed uninjured.

The bike continued up the embankment and became briefly airborne over the drive.

On landing, Emily and the third passenger were thrown clear, suffering scrapes and bruises.

Their seat came away completely.

Inspector Ron Davis said only Molly remained with the bike before it rolled.

‘‘It appears she has been pinned by the bike,’’ he said.

‘‘A female farmhand has run down to the scene and begun CPR. She was later [assisted by ambulance paramedics] however unfortunately the 13-year-old died at the scene as a result of her injuries.’’

Insp Davis said Molly’s mother was at the property but unaware the girls had taken the bike for a ride.

Friends and family arriving at the homestead yesterday afternoon included parents of the surviving girls, who helped care for them, inside.

A NSW Ambulance helicopter attended, but set off at 1.30pm without passengers.

As the chopper left, its propeller disrupted two blanketed horses whose presence hinted at the family’s great, shared love for the animals.

Peter Lord has more than 20 years involvement in the racing, breeding and equestrian industries and is part-owner of Unusual Suspect, a 2011 Melbourne Cup contender.

In the lead-up to last year’s big race, Mr Lord posed for a Mercury photographer with Emily and Molly, who modelled the black and white silks to be carried by Unusual Suspect.

Molly began riding horses when she was five years old and was a decorated equestrian champion.

Her collection of ribbons included two blues from the 2008 Royal Easter Show.

When she was seven, she told the Mercury how she rode horses most afternoons.

‘‘I know I am a lucky girl,’’ she said at the time.