Most popular Illawarra baby names in 2016

Click through the gallery above for the top 50 boys and girls’ names in the Illawarra in 2016.

Move aside, Grace and Eli, and make room for Abigail and Henry.

The latter are among the Illawarra’s most popular names for newborns, as chosen by parents in 2016. 

Charlotte remains the region’s most popular baby girl’s name, followed by fellow 2015 favourites – Ava, Olivia, Mia, Isla, Willow, Evie, Chloe, Ivy, Ruby, Zara – and a list newcomer, Abigail.

Jack is the region’s most popular baby boy’s name, followed by Oliver, Liam, Oscar, Henry (a new entry), William, Lachlan, Samuel, Noah and Thomas. 

The region’s top 40 includes a smattering of gender neutral names, with Sonny (male), Kai (male) and Quinn (female) among the more creative new entries.

Illawarra parents continue to favour regal names (Henry, William, Harry, Alexander, Charlotte).

Willow climbed 17 places; Liam and Oscar rose 16 and 19 places, respectively. 

Meantime, names that could pass as nicknames appear to be in vogue (Leo, Max, Hunter, Archie, Sonny, Nate, Quinn, Ella, Layla, Evie) as do names with an American influence (Cooper, Logan, Hudson, Lincoln, Nate again and Harrison). 

Alana Sheil, Acting Registrar of NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages, said many of today’s most popular names had been in vogue before.

“Traditional names, popular 100 years ago, are back in fashion. However, names come and go in cycles between generations,” she said. 

“Thirty years ago it was Joshua and Jessica, and their parents could have been Michael and Michelle. These days you’re more likely to be a Charlotte or Jack.”

Eight girls’ names – Grace, Addison, Mila, Emma, Ariana, Violet, Olive and Alyssa – dropped out of the Illawarra’s top 40 in 2016.

Taking their places are Abigail (12th), Daisy (25th), Savannah (29th), Zali (34th), Penelope (35th), Quinn (38th), Paige (39th) and Alice (40th). 

Fourteen boys’ names were edged out, including Eli, Jackson (though Jaxon remains), Liam, Arlo and Jax. 

New additions to the boys’ list include Henry (5th), Beau (13th), Sebastian (17th), Harry (19th), Kai (20th) and Jacob (24th). 

Statewide the top 10 baby girls’ names are: Olivia, Charlotte, Amelia, Chloe, Ava, Mia, Emily, Isabella, Ruby and Grace. 

Oliver topped the boys’ list, with William, Jack, Noah, Lucas, James, Ethan, Thomas, Lachlan and Leo. All but Grace and Ethan are also among the Illawarra’s top 40. 


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