Heatwave ingenuity: ute’s beaut for Rail mates with no pool

An Albion Park Rail sparkie with a ute and a dream has MacGyvered his way to a summer swimming pool solution.

As the mercury tipped 34 on Saturday, Benjamen Scurr and his friends found respite in a pool made out of a ute tray lined with a tarpaulin.

“We went to buy a blow-up pool, but everywhere was sold out, so we went to Bunnings and bought a tarp,” Mr Scurr told the Mercury.

“We had music playing and the esky just next to the ute so we didn't have to go far.” 

Ute pools have been much-celebrated on social media, but some manufacturers have cautioned against the practice, warning the density of water makes it much heavier than timber and other materials, such as crushed asphalt. 

Would-be ute pool creators are warned to ensure their rig can handle the load before filling up.