Taking photos is helping Gongspotting founder deal with anxiety

Roz is not a taking selfies type of person.

But the Gongspotting founder gets a real thrill from sharing her photos with her almost 6000 Instagram followers.

The process also helps the 41-year-old single Wollongong mum deal with her ongoing battle with anxiety.

In fact Gongspotting was born a couple of years ago after a bad bout of anxiety forced Roz to quit her job.

She soon found another job which made her much happier. But it was in the month or so she was unemployed that her life turned for the better.

‘’Within that month I was unemployed I could have let myself slide into some pretty bad anxiety and not be able to leave the house. Instead I said I’m going to get out of the house and I’m going to go and take some photos, come home and that will be that,’’ Roz said.

But that was just the beginning. A couple of days in Roz woke up one morning with the Gongspotting name in her head.

‘’I thought that’s not a bad idea. I'll put them on Instagram and they can be like a photo journal,’’ she said.

‘’I didn’t expect it to become so popular. I had lots of really supportive people follow me and say really lovely things to me.

‘’When I thought I’d be judged, I got nothing but support from people and that really helped me.

‘’It is strange to think that a social media platform could actually help with my anxiety but it really really did.’’

And taking and posting photos of beautiful Illawarra places she frequents, such as Sublime Point and Wollongong’s Continental Pools, continues to help Roz.

‘’Photography for me helped me manage my anxiety because it allowed me to stop and focus my energy on getting a good photo,’’ she said.

‘’I would not only force myself to leave the house every day, but the actual act of taking those photos and finding the beauty in my hometown actually helped me just stop and breathe and take notice of what was right in front of me and get rid of all of the noise in my head for that moment.

‘’It was like meditation. Some people do yoga but I chose to take photos instead.’’

There are many similar pages which have popped up over the years but Gongspotting was one of the first of its kind two years ago.

‘’Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery and all that...it’s fine there are others trying to do the same thing,’’ Roz said.

‘’I’ll just post whatever I think is interesting at the time and if it can help somebody that’s even better.

‘’If I hear a little place that no one has heard about I’ll be there and try to help out but I’m not going to say I like something just to get something out of it. People appreciate that, which is great.’’