Libs’ Dorahy takes swipe at sacked councillors

Liberal candidate for Wollongong Lord Mayor John Dorahy hit out at members of the 2008 sacked council who were running for election.

Cr Dorahy was speaking at the announcement of the 19 Liberal party candidates who will be running in the Wollongong and Shellharbour local council elections next month.

He pointed out several candidates running in this election were councillors on the council that was sacked in 2008 – though none of them were under any suspicion of corruption.

Kiama MP Gareth Ward with some of the Liberal candidates that will contest the Wollongong and Shellharbour council elections. Picture: Robert Peet

Kiama MP Gareth Ward with some of the Liberal candidates that will contest the Wollongong and Shellharbour council elections. Picture: Robert Peet

“David Brown, he’s been in the previous council, Vicki King was in the previous council, another candidate Andrew Anthony was in the previous council,” Cr Dorahy said.

“All these people want to get back on. Well this is not the same as the old days. This is about exploring our future and making sure that it’s a positive future.”

Cr Dorahy, Leigh Colacino and Michelle Blicavs are the Liberal councillors running for re-election in Wollongong, with first-timers Cameron Walters, law student Ranjith Raj and BlueScope’s Elisha Aitken also on the ticket.

The lord mayoral candidate said they were looking for a mix of youth and experience.

“It is important that we have continuity but it’s also important that we have a new infusion, some new blood, with the likes of Cameron Walters, who come with an invigorated performance and attitude,” Cr Dorahy said.

Wollongong and Shellharbour Liberal candidates – led by Lord Mayoral hopeful Nathan Cattell – pledged to work together to create 10,000 new jobs.

“We will deliver 10,000 jobs over both the Wollongong and Shellharbour LGAs by the end of my term,” said Mr Cattell, the manager of Killalea State Park.

“We’ll deliver them through infrastructure projects, and through to youth, we’ll deliver youth traineeships and training programs that support youth unemployment.”

In a sometimes stumbling speech, Mr Cattell also took aim at the controversial Shellharbour City Hub.

“We are going to get this council turned around back to where it should be, servicing the community,” Mr Cattell said.

“We want services not hubs.”

However, he said that didn't mean he would close down the City Hub if he won the election in September.

“We can’t close it down, it’s too far gone,” he said.

“I think we need to rectify council’s over-expense and move forward from that and deliver a budget that services the community.

“We’re going to have to make sure that it provides services for the community and not just office space.”


Ward 1

Leigh Colacino (incumbent)

Heloisa Nuske (co-founder of City Women Illawarra.

Jennie Colacino (retired schoolteacher of 30 years)

Peter Vermeer (“experienced business leader”)

Ward 2

John Dorahy (incumbent)

Michelle Blicavs (incumbent)

Ranjith Raj (University of Wollongong law student)

Asim Iqbal (owner of Wollongong’s Convenient Chemist)

Ward 3

Cameron Walters (national racing car champion)

Elisha Aitken (worked at BlueScope for more than 20 years)

Karen Darcy (Port Kembla small business owner)

Stewart  Payne (Autopro owner and operator)


Nathan Cattell (Manager of Killalea State Park)

Zach Fitzpatrick (served on UOW Board of Governors)

Patrick Bennett (self-employed)

Janelle Trigg (worked in welfare and community service industries)

Debbie Bruce (worked in the health and fitness industry)

John Kelleher (beef and dairy farmer)

Michaela Wyett (lawyer)


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